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It's the year 2012 in june. i was driving my first rally and one checkpoint was "passo dello stelvio". Tap for the full article.

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In 2012 a good friend invited me for his first organised rally STREETGASM2000. At that time I was driving the RS4 B5 (my child dreamcar) with straight pipes, upgraded front brakes (380mm Brembo's) and Toyo R1R's. So, with no doubt I said yes.



We started with 50+ cars from racetrack CPZ in the Netherlands and off to checkpoints in Europe driving in total 2000 km.

When slowly climbing the 2,757 meters high mountain to Bormio I saw the oil temperature rising to 110 Celsius. In 45 minutes the outside temp. went from 30+ to 15 degrees Celsius.

So after one hour pitstop on top; some "wurst", drinks and ofcourse shoot that one, wide angle photo that I now see everyday at home, it was time to go. We saw a few bikers but not that much. I was ready for the downhill drive with the group and conquer those corners.

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Downhill Stelvio Pass | note: Synchromesh wear, so from 1st to 2nd was a bit delayed.

Thank god I asked Zoë (the co-pilot for life) to tape a clip from the downhill drive. However on video it's not even close to the experience it was just wow. Especially when facing thegravity when driving full throttle towards a tight corner. I remember I took a photo from the brakes (photo = lost) when I stopped after this 'session' , they where perfect blue.

We finished the rally without any problems the car was indestructible and I drove it "good". To bad the RS4 was stolen 2 months after the rally. Nevertheless the passion continues and since then I have driven 3 of these rallies and since this year I daily vlogged it as Carvlogger. If u wanna see more on that one visit my personal tribe, link in my profile.

Todays home view

Todays home view

From that moment on my favorite roads named; Passo Dello Stelvio and I now see that "stage" everyday.


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  • ah nice, def. magic

      4 years ago
  • Great post! Been on the stelvio myself to... magic roads!

      4 years ago