The Rolls-Royce Cullinan has unleashed its dark side with the Black Badge

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They say that there is always room for improvement and this time, Rolls Royce have shown us that there is room for improvement by giving us the Black Bagde Cullinan. An SUV that has more power than a Toyota Supra. If ever there was a car suitable for Game of Thrones, it would be this one.

What you are seeing here is a Rolls Royce raging from hell. The color is made by ten times hand polishing multiple layers of paint and lacquer. The exhaust tips and massive grille are now darkened but still have chrome finish. Even the Spirit of Ecstasy has been painted with dark, black chrome.

The Black Badge Cullinan has 29bhp and 37lb ft of torque more than the standard car. All the badges are now in silver color and for the first time there are red, yes Red brake callipers on a Rolls Royce.

The 6.75-litre twin-turbo V12 capable of putting out 592bhp and 664lb ft of torque now has a new exhaust system that will scare your dogs (and neighbors). Genuine carbon fibre is used. The Technical Carbon - a naked weave finish- takes 21 days to complete. There are 23 pieces of 'Technical Carbon' on this car.

The interior is , of course, Black with Forge Yellow leather in the interior accents. 1,344 fibre optic lights in the roof lining and eight ‘shooting stars’ in the front seats are there to make you feel that you are comfortably cocooned under the clear sky.

The Rolls Royce Cullinan Black Badge looks extremely heart-wrenching and I think that the day is not far-off when the devil will be raging from hell in one of these.

Drivetribers, What do you think of the Cullinan Black Badge?

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