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The Rolls-Royce Cullinan is the definiton of modern luxury

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R​olls-Royce are known for making some of the most luxurious cars you can buy with your hard earned money. The price of an average Rolls-Royce is the same as an average house in the UK so you are getting the best of the best.

W​hen Rolls-Royce launched the Cullian in 2018, Rolls-Royce redefined the luxury SUV market esily beating the Bentley Bentayga, the super posh Range Rover and the Mercedes GLS. The Cullinan has quickly become the hottest Rolls-Royce in a long time, and stole the Phantom’s role of the Rolls-Royce to be seen in.

N​eedless to say, the Cullinan isn’t cheap, starting at an eye-watering £264,000 but if you’re in the market for a Rolls, price doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that the Cullinan is the last whisper of luxurious off-roading. Sure, it won’t go as far in the muddy stuff as a Range Rover but you’ll be so much more comfortable.

T​he Cullinan reminds me a lot of the pre war Rolls-Royce’s where they were used for epic grand tours and road racing, which helped Rolls-Royce earn its reputation of being the most opulent way of going from A to B, whilest being incredibly reliable.

S​ure, it’s the same size as a house (and weighs as much as one), but what other SUV has suicide doors, thousands of tiny fibre optic LEDs in the headlining and the option of a handmade whiskey cabinet which will fit perfectly into the boot, from the factory? i can’t think of anything similar.

I​t also makes an excellent tourer too. Power wise, there is plentiful from its 6.7-litre V12, with the power going to all four wheels; a Rolls-Royce first. But the Cullinan isn’t about power, despite a Black Badge version recently being launched with an extra 40bhp or so...which doesn’t matter in a 2660kg SUV.

W​hat does matter though is the sheer amount of space, comfort and pure luxury on offer in the Cullinan. I would recommend that Cullinan is better experienced with the individual seating option which gives your four seats for you and three mates to explore continents in. Luggage space isn’t an issue as you’ll put your Rolls-Royce luggage set in the generously sized boot. If you need extra space, a roof rack can be ordered.

C​omfort wise, the Cullinan is ridiculously comfortable, matching both the Phantom and the Ghost that it is closely related too. If you’ve sampled any recent Rolls-Royce, you already know how nice the Cullinan is.

H​owever, unlike the Phantom and Ghost, the Cullinan isn‘t restricted to tarmac as it can tackle mud, sand, snow, bogs and gravel with ease thanks to the raised ride height and off road package. Honestly, what’s not to like about the Cullinan?

I​t doesnt look too bad either, as the current Rolls-Royce styling language suits the Cullinan. Some say it looks awful, yet I think it looks good. Well, at least it looks better than the Bentayga...



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  • Of all the brand new "super SUVs", this is definitely, by far, my favourite. I'm not going to say better or more preferable than a Phantom, but better than any other "luxo-sporty" me-too SUVs.

    It's big, opulent, and comfy. It's everything Rolls-Royce have ever stood for. Best of all - It's. Not. Trying. To. Be. Sporty. Off-road abilities are useless as far as I'm concerned, but everything else is as you'd expect from Rolls.

    11 days ago
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  • rolls royce always have an IMPECCABLE DESIGN of there cars i love them so much

    2 days ago


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