- The Interior of the Rolls Phantom. Pic Credit: Rolls-Royce

The Rose Phantom - A commissioned million stitch Rolls-Royce Phantom

It is beautiful, there is no other word to describe it...

1y ago

People say flowers are pretty, as a person who is not a fan of flowers even I admit they are pretty. That being said when you add flowers to add to the beauty of the Phantom, it is very appealing and calming.

...sanctuary on wheels...

That is what happened when a Stockhom based entrepreneur who has a passion for flowers, commissioned a Rolls-Royce Phantom to show his passion. The results are a sanctuary on wheels that contains a million embroidery stitches.

The exterior is Peacock Blue with a Charles Blue coachline with a rose on it. The wheels also feature the same colour and coachline combination. It is very calming even as you look at it. It feels like it can take your anger away.

..a million embroidery stitches..

The interior is the opposite of the exterior, it features Charles Blue leather with Peacock Blue piping. Even though the colours are very soothing to see the main attraction about it is the roses that were embroidered into the doors and headlining which does have the famous starlight headliner, shows the growth of roses from buds till a fully matured flower including a few Butterflies. Even the front fascia has roses on it. There are a million embroidery stitches. The entire interior is serene. Due to the roses it features it is named "The Rose Phantom".

The entrepreneur's family did take part in design process, with his wife designed the umbrellas and daughter who, named after a flower, defined the exterior colour of the car. That is one creative family.

My favourite fictional character George Costanza's father (form the TV show Seinfeld) was always stressed out. When he was stressed beyond what he could handle he would yell "serenity now, serenity now". If you sat him in "The Rose Phantom" he would be calm. That is how calming this Rolls is.

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Comments (11)

  • For someone who don’t likes big, heavy, and boxy cars like the RR Phantom, I think this is tackier than ever. Why do you feel the need to have that many flowers... or flowers at all! It takes away from the interior itself. Look at Bentley. They have amazing interiors that define luxury, and all their one-offs don’t mess with their well known interiors, because they’re perfect like they are. I think that Rolls Royces are getting too over the top, and frankly ugly.

      1 year ago
    • I understand your point, I just think they do a good job to give a customer exactly what they want.

        1 year ago
    • And all of their customers are ultra rich and/or obnoxious

        1 year ago