The rumours were true... Alpine is to become an all-EV brand

It will become a manufacturer of "100% high-performance vehicles"

6w ago

The rumour mill has been slowly churning away for a while now when it comes to Alpine - Renault's 'exclusive' high-performance marque - but after today's news, it's safe to say they've gone into overdrive.

Yes, it turns out the rumours were all true, as Renault confirmed this morning (14.01.21) that Alpine was to move to an all-EV production capacity, with the aim of becoming profitable by the middle of this decade.

The document released as part of Renault Group's “Renaulution” strategy report also showcased a number of new cars from Alpine, though at the moment this is just a teaser shot with three very distinct headlight designs.

From left to right in the image (above) we can see a small EV for urban/city use, a crossover or small SUV, and what appears to be an all-electric successor for the well-loved Alpine A110, which sadly hasn't quite been hitting their projected sales targets.

Since the rumour mill has been very vocal about the chance of Alpine going all-electric, the confirmation doesn't come as much of a surprise to those 'in the know.' However, the news that Alpine will be working alongside Geely-group-owned Lotus to develop a "next-generation electric sports car" is exciting news indeed, and bodes well for the future of both brands, since Lotus themselves are of course pushing their own technology in the all-electric Evija.

Not only are Alpine changing their production tactics, but they are also to become Renault Group's motorsport and performance division, which also encompasses the Renault F1 team, having been rebranded for the 2021 season as the Alpine F1 team.

According to Renault, these changes form part of their plan to turn Alpine into an "exclusive authentic brand" mixing F1 expertise and road-going technology to create the best-possible sports-focused EVs.

Sadly, details on the three new cars are scarce, but with the aim of being profitable by around 2025, they can't be too far off now, so expect some more press releases over the next year or two.

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Comments (16)

  • Renault renamed their F1 team Alpine in 2021, but still Alpine wants to be a purely electric brand. That's somehow stupid in my eyes. In this case they should go to the Formula E series instead. An EV brand is building their own only F1 car and compete with the other teams, in a race series with cumbustion engines. That is kind of contradictory I guess.

      1 month ago
  • Every car manufacturer will become an EV brand. No surprise there, they’re just going to do it early since sales are crap.

      1 month ago
    • thats not true

        1 month ago
    • Which bit:

      ‘All manufacturers becoming EV’s’ which will happen when legislation prevents ICE’s from being sold, do your research!

      ‘Alpine sales are crap’ do the research and have a look!

        1 month ago
  • After bad sales from the A110, I think it's a nice move, for them, not necessarily for us enthusiasts. At least the SUV is for us, not for her. It better be focused on handling like the Macan.

      1 month ago
  • The header image looks scary 😟

      1 month ago
  • As an owner of a classic ICE it is sad to see them go. But I hope more and more that more performance car manufacturers get into the EV game to improve the cars and innovate.

      1 month ago
    • EV cars will never be good. There will be carbon neutral synthetic gasoline cars in the future tho. They say starting in 2025

        1 month ago