The Safest Car To Buy Second-Hand

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What do you look for when you’re buying your next motor? Speed? Comfort? Colour? Somewhere to put your coffee? There are so many considerations but at the top of the list, we all want to know that we’re safe.

When we buy a ‘new’ car, we know that it has been through stringent testing, but most of us don’t have deep enough pockets for brand new wheels, so we look to the second-hand market. But how do we know what we’re getting? And how do we know it’s safe?

Thankfully, help is at hand. Each year, Thatcham Research (the UK’s only ‘not for profit’ insurer funded research centre), teams up with an insurance provider to bring us a list of the safest second-hand cars on the market.

They base the research on a number of factors: Models costing less that £15K, have a 5 star-Euro NCAP safety rating, have automatic emergency braking and emit less that 120g/km of CO2.

Here are the top three!

Number 1

Volvo V40 with safety pack

Always a stickler for safety, Volvo is consistent and the V40 has stayed at the top of this list for three years running! This is a safe car even in standard form, but there is an optional safety pack and the extra kit genuinely makes a difference to your chances of keeping you crash proof.

Number 2

Honda Civic

The Civic gives other mid-sized hatch backs a run for their money and as a new entry to the list at number 2, has proved its status. Ideal for those who like big boots and lots of active safety aids.

Number 3

Hyundai i30

Another new entry to the list, the i30 is a strong Korean offering. This solid motor is built for a comfortable ride rather than fun-handling but remember, it’s safe.

We’re going to have a baby!

It happens to most of us one day, so at this moment in time, the 2-seater will have to be put into storage until retirement or, sadly, sold and replaced with something to keep those little ones safe. You are now preparing for precious cargo (and no, that doesn’t mean the latest speakers) Again, Thatcham Research has tested a list of motors with more of a focus on the Euro NCAP child occupant protection scores and how easy and safe it is to fit a child seat.

Thatcham’s number one used car for new parents is the Mazda CX-5

It makes a really practical family car, it’s great fun to drive and offers fantastic back seat protection for those little ones. It also looks really stylish, so your street cred won’t be completely blown.

It’s worth looking up these lists as they give a whole stack of information about the testing, the pricing, the models and a lot more besides. They will also show you the top 10 motors. They are reputable and thorough and their key message is - Drive Safe!

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