Ahhh…#MercedesBenz. You’ve always managed to create amazing vehicles. From the first car with internal combustion engine in 1885, to the F1 for the road Project One that will launch in 2019. Your brand recognition is as high as can be. Now, you have one of the largest ranges of cars any manufacturer could dream of. Also, your cars look cooler than ever, the younger generation gets more and more attracted, and you have won multiple Formula 1 championships. Seriously, you guys are everywhere. So, a good sports car shouldn’t be too much of a struggle to pull off.

That angry look is the one of a safety car.

This is Mercedes-Benz’s AMG GT S. Forget the GT R because I haven’t managed to put my hands on it. Yet. There is also the “normal” AMG GT, but come on, those are for the proletarians. You’ve probably seen this car during Formula 1 races when a douchebag crashes into another. The AMG GT S is the SLS AMG’s replacement. Remember the SLS AMG? This modern-times 300 SL with gullwing doors? Well that’s the young and sexy sister. The AMG GTS might be less powerful 510PS against 571PS but Mercedes-Benz says that it offers a better driving experience. All we can say is that the AMG GT S barely retains anything from its predecessor. No 6.2l and no gullwing doors. Should we be crying right now? Maybe only the shape with the long hood and short bottom is reminiscent of the past, and the front suspension and hydraulics. But brace yourselves, it’s a brand new car! It has been engineered to be a better sports car and to create a bit of anarchy in the Porsche 911 territory. So, for those that thought it could only go sideways, maybe it’s time to take it more seriously. Also, have I mentioned that it’s Formula 1’s safety car? Isn’t that cool?

Some say that the back looks like a 928 Porsche... I don't quite get it.

So, let’s start with the design. OK, the front headlights look a bit weird, but otherwise, it’s pure Mercedes-Benz DNA. It’s a very athletic car and the long hood gives it a very sporty look. I think it looks a bit less impressive than the SLS but, overall, I must say that the design is a success. Then comes the interior. It’s wide, very cozy, and full of buttons. I just felt that the armrest is a bit high. Consequently, you keep on pressing involuntarily on buttons. Who thought that Germans were capable of doing these kinds of errors.

No 6.2l and no gullwing doors. should we be crying right now?

Jonathan Yarden

Driving the AMG GT S is the closest thing to an F1 car that you can drive. OK, that might be a lie but let’s just say that it is the greatest driver’s AMG so far. Yes, it will go sideways. Yes, it sounds like a proper AMG. But before all of that, the GT S is advertised as a GT. So, it is meant to be driven a lot. You immediately get a sense of comfort when sitting in this car. It’s not an S-Class but it is a big improvement since the SLS. The ride is also better in corners, thanks to a brand new rear axle. They really wanted to tackle the 911 on this one. The engine is placed as close to the driver as possible, therefore you nearly find yourself with a mid-engine sports car. The result is a well-balanced car. Maybe the best we have seen so far on any Mercedes-Benz AMG. But what’s a car without its engine? Don’t get angry but this one is smaller, and it has turbos. But don’t you worry too much. It’s a 4.0l V8 that will take the car up to 310 km/h. It sounds like a Demogorgon and the pops and crackles coming out of the exhaust are so satisfying. This car really is an experience.

Here we come to the final question: Is it better than the Porsche 911? Well, let’s put it this way, the 911 had more than 50 years to become the sports car it is today. Therefore, No! The AMG GT S isn’t, in my opinion, the better car. But this only happens on a technical aspect. The AMG is not that precise, isn’t very sticky on the road, and, in my opinion again, doesn’t look as good. I feel that the AMG will be forgotten over time. Just wait for a new AMG to come out, and it will simply make this one look old-fashioned. On the 911’s side, we know that it is an ongoing story that will probably end at the same time as the world. Now, don’t get me wrong. The AMG GT S is an amazing and very capable car. The ride is way better than an Audi RS, and is yet more usable than a BMW M. It just missed the 911 spot. But could the GT R make it up? And also, is there anything cooler than driving an F1 safety car?

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT S

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Perego Cars, situated in Switzerland, for giving me the opportunity to review and shoot this car. Website: www.peregocars.com/en Facebook: www.facebook.com/peregocars/ Instagram: www.instagram.com/peregocars/