The SCG 004S is a 650bhp Homologation Special

1y ago


After initially producing track cars based off of the Ferrari F430, James Glickenhaus has managed to get his engineers to build a road-going hypercar set to bring his company back to the GTE sector at Le Mans.

Taking inspiration from the McLaren F1, the three-seater arrangement headlines a wonderfully retro interior that features an oh-so-Ferrari gated shifter and analogue dials that should make for a seriously engaging driving experience.

Behind the cockpit sits a 5.0-litre twin turbocharged V8 that outputs 650bhp and 531lb ft of torque, all of which is thundered through a six-speed manual transmission. A sequential shift is offered as an option but who could possibly say no 650bhp and three pedals?

Seeing as SCG specialises in GT3 racers, weight definitely isn't a problem for the 004S, with the carbon fibre hypercar coming in at 1179kg.

Built to homologate SCG for racing at Le Mans, Glickenhaus has been given permission by the US Government to produce up to 325 cars per year. 250 units will need to be produced to fully homologate the car for GTE endurance racing which will see the car take on the best from Ferrari, Ford, Bentley, Mercedes and Aston Martin.

Priced at a cool $400,000 (£301,640), the SCG 004S isn't the company's first road car, with the SCG 003S preceding it as 'a GT car with Le Mans Prototype character'. The first customer cars will be delivered by the end of 2018, introducing yet another bespoke vehicle to the hypercar landscape.