The secret Rolls Royce of Lord Lucan

1y ago

A spectacular Roll Royce has come out of storage, confiscated by the storage renters for non-payment of storage fees. The postwar Rolls was believed to be the last vehicle in which a murderer escaped, in this case not just your garden variety murderer but the handsome and urbane Lord Richard John Bingham, Seventh Earl of Lucan.

Lucan, a car connoisseur, had the Rolls customized. Some purists say he should have gone on trial for dis-figuring a Rolls, He was also Considered for a Role of James Bond in the cinematic adaptations of Ian Fleming's novels. He was known for his expensive tastes; he raced power boats and drove an Aston Martin.

The car was on the list of items to go to his Countess, who had won a court battle against her estranged husband, The tragedy was that the Lord, was in debt to his neck, and was spotted some time later on Carnaby Street in the Roller, though the trail is ice cold, it can be picked up with clues left in the Rolls, which was quite dusty when found.

Lucan was a gambler and he is thought to have fled to a foreign country and lived under an assumed name.

The last confirmed sighting of Lucan was at about 1:15 am on 8 November 1974 as he exited the driveway of the Maxwell-Scott property in his friend's Ford Corsair, and his ultimate fate remains a mystery.
Source:, wikipedia.

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