The Secret Service won't let the former First Lady drive

43w ago


Former First Lady, Michelle Obama is slowly readjusting to life outside the White House. Her biggest frustration is that she can't get in her own car and go for a drive without an armed escort.

Now, for us mere mortals, driving your own car is part of everyday life, but this is not the case for Mrs Obama. Her daily activities have to be planned and arranged specifically to ensure her own security. Speaking to People.com, Michelle Obama misses the simple pleasure of getting behind the wheel of her own car just to go out and grab a coffee without all the fuss and attention.

Michelle feels that her life will never go back to normal

“I go to restaurants, I still work out and travel, but I can’t sit at a sidewalk cafe and just watch other people without it becoming a scene,” said Michelle Obama.

A simple coffee at a Cafe isn't on the cards

The Secret Service has to prioritise Michelle's safety at all times. Former Presidents, Prime Ministers and other world leaders generally remain under protection for the rest of their lives, which includes constant security for their families. Obviously, this can be extremely frustrating for them, but necessary.

Secret Service staff watching over Mrs Obama

“We still live in a bubble. If we had a farm somewhere, maybe I could drive around it. As we’ve seen, the risks are still there”. Said Mrs Obama.

Poor Michelle hasn't driven a car in almost ten years. Still, being chauffeured around can't be that bad.

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