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The secret tales of BMW's McLaren F1 service center

How do you service rare, multi-million-dollar cars? Why, in a hidden room of course

Crashing your car is always a big deal. Crashing Ralph Lauren's McLaren F1 while going 200 mph on a secret test track that only a few people know about might as well be international news.

In the latest VINWiki story, Patrick Cupillari, one of BMW North America's former engineers, recalls some pretty insane tales of BMW's secretive F1 service center at their North American headquarters. Why would BMW service a McLaren supercar? Well, since the F1 had a BMW engine and electronics, the support was done by BMW within their HQ's engineering department. Not only that but there was only one technician in the entire country that was certified to work on these million-dollar beauties. When one of these came in for service, you can bet that everyone in the building dropped what they were doing to come witness it.

This guy has stories ranging from an intern being fired over posting a picture of an F1 in service to a certain orange F1 LM that's hiding an off-the-books repair. It was so entertaining to hear these insider stories about one of the world's most famous supercars that I hope Patrick comes back to tell more! Got any F1 tales of your own? We'd love to hear them so spin your own yarn in the comment section below!

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Comments (4)

  • Not only can't BMW drivers use their blinkers, but they also can't drive properly at 200 mph secretly

      2 months ago
    • As always, I take exception to this comments. Everyone in our family is using indicators!

        2 months ago
  • I recall a speed test in a magazine back in the late 90's where Mario Andretti was doing top speed runs. a non-LM Mclaren of course won the top honors, but I remember Mario saying that the car actually got light at a certain speed, but then regained it's stability as he went faster. I think it was close to the 200mph too

      1 month ago