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The Seiko 5 Street Fighter packs a punch

Literally, in a way

In 1963, Seiko unveiled their first ever 5 model. They probably had every confidence in the watch and they knew it was a great product but I'm not sure they imagined it would become such a huge hit. Fifty-seven years later, Seiko is a huge corporation and the 5 is one of the most revered and sought after models in the watch world and, as you'd expect, Seiko has been successfully capitalizing on the 5 with a variety of limited and special edition models.

This particular timepiece, available in five different variants, takes its inspiration from five character from Capcom's Street Fighter franchise. You've got the 5 Ryu, Chun-Li, Ken, Guile, Blanka and Zangief and each model comes in with defining features - from the strap to the dial and the colours - to tribute these five characters.

All five models are powered by Seiko's 24-jewel 4R36 cal. movement, automatic with manual-winding and a 41-hour power reserve, a 42 mm stainless steel case with Seiko's proprietary hardlex crystal, and a day-date complication.

Ryu "Unshakable Fist"

The Ryu model features scratch-like marks on the bezel and a simplified version of the iconic "Furinkazan" kanji character (as seen on Ryu's gloves) at the 9 o'clock, meaning "wind, forest, fire mountain".

The dial is inspired by the Do-Gi, the Judo uniform, and on the caseback you'll find the controller command for Ryu's signature move "Hadoken". The strap is made from canvas, again taking its inspiration from Ryu's Do-Gi.

Chun-Li "Blue Jade"

The Chun-Li model comes in with a blue dial with gold accents and at the 12 o'clock you'll find the same design as the dress collar of Chun-Li's combat suit/dress. The sharp indexes at the 6, 9 and 12 are inspired by the spikes on the character's bracelet.

On the caseback, there's the controller command for Chun-Li's "Spinning Bird Kick" move and the bracelet is made from calfskin leather with a dragon pattern on the strap back.

Ken "Rush 'n' Blaze"

The dial on the Ken's model pays tribute to Ken's black costume with thin red stripes while some elements - the crown, the outer bezel, the hands and the lettering on the dial - are painted gold/yellow like Ken's hair.

The case back features the controller command for Ken's special move "Shoryuken" and the strap is made from canvas, with the Masters Foundation logo on the leather strap back.

Guile "Indestructible Fortress"

The dial on the Guile model features a military camouflage pattern with a patch at the 6 o'clock, and a dog tag of Guile's best friend Charlie Nash at the 9.

On the case back, you'll see the controller command for Guile's Sonic Boom special move and the strap is made from brown leather with contrast stitching in white.

Blanka "Call of the Wild"

The bezel on the Blanka model features an electric discharge pattern, inspired by Blanka's special move "Electric Thunder" and the dial is green with sharp silver indexes and yellow accents.

The case back features the controller command for Blanka's move and the red and green Nato/nylon strap features a "Blanka Chan" caricature.

Zangief "Iron Cyclone"

The dial on the Zangief model is painted red with a circular pattern, with a gold bezel inspired by the character's belt design with bold Arabic numbers at the 6, 9 and 12 and indexes.

On the case back, you'll find the controller command for Zangief's signature move, the iconic "Screw Pile Driver" and the red and yellow Nato/nylon strap is inspired by Zangief's wrist band.

Each piece is limited to "only" 9,999 units, with a $440 RRP in the US and €450 RRP in Europe. I did a bit of digging and as you'd expect, they're already being sold over retail on eBay. Duh.

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