The Semi Future Has Arrived!

      Tesla move over!

      I know that new Tesla has just been announced and doesn't it look fun, 0-62 in under two seconds, 150mph. Great, I'm not going to buy one and I doubt you are too. I must hand it to the company, they are making the future look more desirable and cheaper. At the moment you will be spending under £3.40 per 100 mile trip to charge the average electric car. If you can park next to one of those city charging points you see nect to the side of the road it will be free to charge your car.

      20% of UK Government's money comes from the tax added onto the price of fuel, but how is the Government going to earn is 20% back when the majority start to use the electric cars? Is electricity going to be heavy taxed or our wages? Suddenly this this takes away the attractiveness of owning a Tesla or any electric car for that matter.

      Early this morning before work I was driving into Fulham and my fuel light flashed upon my dashboard making it look more like a christmas tree than before demanding me in the subtle but Germon manner to top up the cars diesel fuel tank. By the time I had ragged the "Passion Waggan" around West London running errands I only had 25 miles in the tank. Anyone who lives in a City knows that 25 miles in a tank only means 10 miles!

      When I arrived at my desk complaining about how little fuel I have left in the car my college handed me a promotion card from a company called "Zebra Fuel". You simply select a time and date and they come a deliver the fuel to your car. Bloody cool in my opinion! The hardest task I had to complete was to unlock the the "Subtle but German Passion Waggon". I don't know how Zebra Fuel do this, even when the price of a liter is 2p cheaper than the local fueling stations near me. This is why I think it is the end of the petrol station. Not for the electric car.

      Please let me know your thought in the comments.

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