The Series S: Little brother to the BIG DADDY

The Xbox series S has officially been revealed

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With the dawn of Next-Gen upon us the console wars have started to heat up. And today after some leaked footage, Microsoft officially announced their Baby Console the Series S. It kinda looks like an old skool speaker with that big vent on it, but i actually quite like the look.

The Tech

It's a nice clean design, actually the most compact Xbox ever, but this puppy packs a fairly powerful punch. It does not feature a disc drive, so it's all digital. We might be looking at a 4TFLOP AMD RDNA 2.0 GPU compared to the 12 TFLOPS on the Series X. It will also come with a custom 512 GB SSD. Now the performance i believe would be on par with the current Xbox one X despite the One X having 6 TFLOPS. This is because there have been major improvements in graphical performance so a single TeraFlop can now handle more Graphical performance on the AMD Ryzen infrastructure as compared to the Jaguar base of old. It will also be able to upscale the graphics from 1080P to 4k, well in theory, we still need to see it in action coming November.

Almost the same height as the X But less than half the width

Almost the same height as the X But less than half the width


While it may not support 4K 120 FPS like its bigger brother, it is not a deal-breaker in anyway cause the thing costs $299 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND THAT IS OFFICIAL. For a next gen console with ray tracing and all the fancy tech to be on par with a high-spec PC, THAT IS NUTS.


Not having an optical drive is not a big deal for most people, especially with Xbox cause the S is going to primarily focus on game pass. I say that if you don't have a high end PC or don't wanna shed out another 200-250 bucks for the X or maybe even the PS5, do go for the series S, it'll be worth it. Most people won't even need the 120 Fps, at least in my case i just get into the game and stop noticing the frame rate after a while. More information will be coming out soon with the launch expected on November 10 for both the series X and S.

What are your thoughts on the Series S, let me know in the comments.

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  • *PS5 crying noises*

      10 days ago
    • Yup, this definitely a big deal. The entire system costs almost the same as big ssd

        10 days ago
  • Honestly I’m gonna go broke just looking at that shit

      7 days ago
  • PCgang😀

      10 days ago