The Shanghai Y-10 - When Communist China copied the Boeing 707

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As many of us have joked about by now, China has a rather storied history of copying and/or reverse-engineering cars made by British, European and American manufacturers. What isn't so well known is that they also did this with planes in the early period of Communist-era China! They started doing this process with military aircraft that were licence-built copies of soviet Russian fighters and bombers, but when China decided it needed a proper commercial jet airliner they decided to go one step further and reverse-engineer one of the first and most successful jet airliners ever, the Boeing 707. This video by Ruairidh MacVeigh explains how they did it and it's a very interesting process indeed!

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Comments (9)

  • Interesting... Have you ever seen that video on the Russian Concorde Copy? That's interesting!

      21 days ago
  • I'll be honest, they all look the same to me...

      20 days ago
  • They also copied an oil drilling rig. But used inferior materials.

      21 days ago
  • I’m not fan of chinese copying everything but Like it or not. Boeing and airbus, their biggest customer is chinese and they are going to loose tons of business to Chinese made air liner. Chinese making their own airplanes to fly in their own country. Nobody can do anything about it.. if I have to guess many surrounding asian countries will buy chinese planes for shorter flights. I am sure cost of planes will be less... So good luck Boeing and airbus...

      21 days ago
    • You're joking right or commented under the influence of toxic substance,

      Mate if this is a joke then everybody would laugh,

      If you want many asian countries buying communist china planes,and their product forcefully,

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        21 days ago
    • Dude relax

        20 days ago
  • The COMAC C919, which is China’s first commercial airliner and supposed to enter service this year, is basically a 737 knock-off!

      21 days ago
    • What isn't a knock off buddy,

      May be SHE, WAIT A MINUTE,


      Read more
        21 days ago


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