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The Significance of the Crossover

A rant about the most pointless vehicle class ever.

2y ago

I will begin by mentioning that I have nothing but reason to support my claims, this "hate speech" is well backed by logical argument, and consistent developmental belief. My claim is to demote the modern crossover as the hinderance from moving society forward. Some may read this and think "he is reading too deep into this" but just hear me out.

My main claim to defame is the driving factor for all automobiles, sustainability. Sustainability is a topic that is often ignored by most, but nonetheless important. So my point is, as new cars are being developed, they need to be designed accordingly to follow the upward trend of efficiency. Yes, while the powertrain is evolving into a hyper-efficient, hybridized, ultra-compressed futuristic capacitor, the hindering factor of new cars is the fact that everyone wants a crossover. Crossovers are a problem for three reasons, ground clearance, weight, and shape. To increase mileage, one must decrease the amount of work the engine needs to do to make the car move, and all three of these factors do the opposite. The big clunky shape of crossovers are not as sleek as cars, and the ground clearance makes them even further from aerodynamic, raising the drag coefficient of the chassis shape. Since crossovers are also naturally bigger, they are heavier.

The VW XL1, record holding for lowest drag coefficient ever. Achieves 260mpg as a result.

The VW XL1, record holding for lowest drag coefficient ever. Achieves 260mpg as a result.

I do however, think it is very impressive that some modern CUVs are capable of 30+ mpg, but imagine how efficient they would be if they were all that they are, PLUS the advantages of a sedan? In all honesty, The crossover is pointless. Why do people buy them? For AWD, or for safety? Nothing you certainly cant find on a 4-door Subaru Legacy. Off-road capability? Yeah right. Try telling me otherwise after taking your Toyota CHR in the Mojave desert. Leave that to the real SUVs and Trucks. More space? More often than not sedans are just as roomy inside than these cramped SUVs are. On top of all of this, they are more expensive. Logically there is no practicality behind them. Buy a hatchback for goodness sake!

Now before you go ahead and apply my logic to pick-up trucks, re-think it. Pick-up trucks actually DO have a purpose, and actually DO have capabilities. They are not PRIMARILY designed to be just a commuter car, while most of them that are bought do indeed end up being so. Without the pick-up, nothing would get done. Without the crossover... well society would be better off.

Hopefully this does not offend the general public that drools over the trendy crossover, but gives them a chance to rethink how they are hindering the progress of society. In all truth, automakers like Ford are forced to discontinue their sedans because of how the market has become so small for them. It is literally necessary to stay in business. History repeats itself, and just how mega boat-like sedans were all the hype for Americans in the 70s and 80s, crossovers will too, eventually die out. Lets just hope that doesn't happen to the sedans of tomorrow.

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  • And then actually nice cars are being deleted from manufacturer lineups because everyone wants a f*cking SUV now

      2 years ago
  • I absolutely hate that Crossover trend. The cars looks like garbage and are just taking up more space. Everyone is like „oh it is very good off-road and its safer“

    But then they end up never even touching dirt once and some crossovers even are FWD 🤦🏻‍♂️

    And crossovers don’t fit in that ‚more fuel economy trend‘ like you already said.

      2 years ago
    • Exactly, and they are in no way capable off road. They simply aren’t designed for it. That’s why they put cheap 4 cylinder engines that are underdeveloped in them.

        2 years ago
    • Was delivering in the snow in my old 2wd Skoda Roomster and went past a BMW X6 In someone’s garden. I of course laughed my head off as I trundled by.

        2 years ago
  • Is that...a TT slapped onto a SUV body

      2 years ago
  • New category: 'Cramped Utility Vehicle'

      2 years ago
  • I have always hated the crossover trend and this article only solidifies my belief.

      2 years ago