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The similarities between current American sports cars and Jim Morrison.

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I like all kinds of cars, but American muscle cars (more like sports cars now) stand out. News of a new Shelby GT500 or Corvette ZR1 catches my attention much more than say the Ferrari 488 Pista from or the AMR PRO Valkyrie Aston Martin. Unfortunately I can already hear every muscle car hater saying “Muscle cars can’t corner. American companies are way behind in technology.” or “Drag racing is stupid. Real drivers go around corners” and bullshit like that. Fact one is most of them have not heard a properly angry V8 idle in front of them. Fact two is a shitty driver can give any car a bad reputation. Look at all the recent McLaren (supercars in general) wrecks that are happening because of tossers that think they are Alonso. Ask the question who is making the best sports cars at the moment and people will say Porsche, BMW, Aston Martin, Jaguar, etc. European cars. I would say the Shelby GT350R (my personal favourite) and Chevy’s Camaro 1LE and ZL1 are some of the best sports cars in current production. American cars.

I then started to see some similarities between my favourite vocalist and sports car. The same damn thing happens in rock/metal music. Ask the question who is the greatest rock/metal vocalist of all time and most people will answer Robert Plant, Ozzy Osbourne, Bruce Dickinson, Freddie Mercury (which may be correct), Rob Halford, etc. Vocalists from European bands. My vote goes to Jim Morrison whom is American. You will never see his name in a Top 10 list mainly due to his short career which I think is wrong. Like Morrison, the Mustangs and Camaros don’t get the credit they deserve either. Freddie Mercury has a bigger vocal range and a more “educated” and sophisticated way of singing and doing backing vocals than Jim Morrison. Morrison goes for a more “plain” voice which changes to powerful screams. In the same way as compared above, the European sports cars and supercars rev higher than American ones and tend to be mid engined and/or turbocharged, maybe even hybrids. The American cars tend to be more old school usually front engined with either a massive engine and natural aspiration or a tiny bit less massive engine with superchargers (The Ford GT is one exception). Jim Morrison also had a reputation for arriving to gigs so late or so drunk they got cancelled either way. Mustangs have a reputation for crashing at cars shows (exactly like Jim Morrison at concerts). Freddie Mercury never really had “bad publicity” (other than the AIDS thing) just like most European cars. A 911 S is better than a Shelby GT350R in every measurable way (performance and speed related at least). 0-60, 100-200, cornering G, braking distance 100-0, top speed everything the 911 trumps the Shelby. So the 911 is clearly far superior to the Shelby GT350R in performance in the same way that Freddie Mercury is a better rock frontman than Jim Morrison.

But, I absolutely adore the Shelby GT350R and Jim Morrison. I’d rather listen to vocals only music from Jim than Freddie and I’d also rather drive and listen to the 5.2 L Voodoo powered Stang than anything currently being built in Europe.

Give this song in the link a quick listen. Jim Morrison / The DOORS vocals only.

Love Me Two Times. Listen to that instant power change he does at 1:30. Its amazing.

I compared the Mustang to the 911 since they are two of the best selling sports cars.

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