The Singer ACS Is The Most Beautiful Thing You'll See This Year

Singer's Baja-ready 911 has stolen our soul

2w ago

Let me tell you a lovely story. Once upon a time, a customer approached California-based Singer to build an air-cooled 911 that could “compete in off-road racing and demonstrate all-terrain exploration capabilities”. Singer agreed to build one and the result was the stunning Singer ACS.

Stunning, right? Singer took help from 911 rally specialist Richard Tuthill to build the ACS (All-terrain Competition Study).

The donor car was a 964-gen 911 and the ACS is powered by a twin-turbo air-cooled 3.6-litre flat six which is capable of producing 450 horsepower and and 420lb ft torque. The engine is mated to a five-speed sequential gearbox. Lovely. The ACS also features bespoke carbon fiber body, suspension and damping. Even more lovely.

The ACS has FIA-spec roll cage, a long-range fuel tank, one spare wheel in the front and one in the back, and 5mm-thick aluminium underbody protection. Thanks to all this, this 911 is ready to tackle Dakar.

Inside you will find FIA-approved buckets seats, hydraulic handbrake, hydration system for the driver and the passenger and a GPS navigation system. The conbination of the vibrant red and matt black color makes the interior achingly beautiful.

Rob Dickinson, Founder and Executive Chairman, Singer Group Inc says, "We’ve taken particular inspiration from the iconic Rothmans-sponsored 911 SC/RSs and 959s that conquered events like the Qatar International Rally and Paris-Dakar in the mid-‘80s."

Only one ACS exists in the world right now but if more customers request Singer to make more of these safari 911s, then we are sure the magicians at California will build more ACSs. For now, let's just take a moment and stare at the beauty of this 911.

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  • A literal insult to the 959 Group B, if that’s what Singer’s trying to accomplish. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      18 days ago
  • Honestly,I feel it is a bit on the uglier side

      18 days ago
  • Gives me Cyber punk vibes...I hope it doesn't have many Bugs :0

      18 days ago
  • 🤢

      18 days ago
  • This is one of the most ugly cars, I’ve ever seen... 😕

      15 days ago