the soul is analog

Point is, after the electronic brain does his job yours is left with only about 30% of driving to be done.

3y ago


In the smartphone era, where everything is turning into a bubble, money no longer exists and people are more interested in the color of some pseudo-celebrity's underwear, it's hard to find soul left anywhere, especially cars.

So what do you do when you're desperately looking for anything that resembles reality?Where can you find that feeling of connection, and not some blunt inanimate object that has more in common with your dryer?

The answer delivers itself: back in time when there were no dryers! Or in this case no assisted-this and that, no traction control and no safety systems what so ever. There is no question technology has brought it's fair hand of 'tricks' to make us go faster, and be safer as we do it, but unfortunately it striped away the very essence of driving and of the car itself, by doing so.

There is this massive dose of trust everyone now has in these systems and gizmos. I dare anyone to slam the brakes at 40 MPH in a car without ABS and see what it feels like. I bet you they're going to get really scared ,really fast! Point is, after the electronic brain does his job yours is left with only about 30% of driving to be done. That would include holding the wheel straight, pushing the pedals and looking around.

I may be exaggerating a bit to prove my point, but who can argue the feeling of pushing a straight six manual, with no power steering, down a mountain pass?I thought so too. Lets just hope more and more people realize the sad truth the car has become, and that soon many more will join our quest for soul.

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  • If you liked my thoughts Mike, the Wheel Warriors tribe will feel just like HOME. Keep shredding those bends. Kudos!

      3 years ago
  • Really nicely written, and exactly on point. 👍 these are the visceral elements of classic motorsport that make our palms sweat and our hairs on necks stand up as we grasp the wheel and balance the chassis on trail brake while not lifting off the throttle..... cheers 🍻

      3 years ago