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The Soviet Porsche you never knew about.

The KD sport 900 was a one of 6 lightweight "sports" car of Russia. How did it get the Porsche nickname?

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Many people visualize fast cars as something like a wedge. Before the legendary Countach, the 'Daddy' of wedge cars, the Russians tried something similar but it did not see the light of the day. Meet the KD sport-900 which was a car that weighed 500 KG and made 30 HP from a 900 CC engine. Which was good for a top speed of 120 KM/H (75 MPH). Not too shabby for a project car in the 60's right? The fascinating part... The body was made out of fiberglass!!! The roof was pulled out of pipes, doubling up as a safety arc and saving weight. The air-intakes were very 'Porsche' like and the roof sloped down like a 911, hence the nickname (Probably given by the makers).

The '911' like sloping roof and air ducts are clearly visible here.

The '911' like sloping roof and air ducts are clearly visible here.

Rising Phoenix

It would be amazing to see this in today's world with many technological advancements. Some folks over at Instagram (@Nimco_works) have made a modern render of this very capable car!!

Called the Artem Popkov (very Russian) it is something we can easily fall in love with. With the same lines as the sport-900 but with a more modern "sporty" appeal. Maybe a naturally aspirated flat six paired with a Porsche's manual gearbox will make this car a gear head's dream!! Second to only another Porsche.

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  • i want it., its like a space age styled karman Ghia.

      1 year ago
  • I think I read about it some time ago. From what I recall it was not factory made car, rather made by 3 or 4 friend, all engineers. They use chassis or wrecked Zaporozhets ZAZ-968 (the one that looks like NSU Prinz 1000). Like Porsche it had rear mounted air-cooled engine, 1.2 litre V4 and very similar air ducts. Can someone confirm whether I right or wrong? This is one of numerous attempts to utilize Zaporozhets ZAZ-968 chassis. I saw something resembling Formula-V built around Zaporozhets ZAZ-968 chassis. Also, I would like to add tat Soviets build Formula One as well. It was built by AZLK (Makers of Moskvitch) with 1.5 litre engine based on Moskvitch engine. Yuri Gagarin was considered as a drive on suggestion of his friend, Jimmy Clark. They got friendly during Gagarin's world tour. Unfortunately, for reasons unknown project was ditch. Another interesting fact, Vasily Stalin, son of Dictator Joseph Stalin and retire fighter pilot, loved 24-Hour Le Mans and decided to enter it. ZIS, (later renamed ZIL) built ZIS-112 for him. However, daddy Joseph

    died and Vasily fell from grace, got arrested and project was ditch as well, but there two cars were built. One of them is in Riga Motor Museum. Check their Wiki page and website out!

      1 year ago
  • Doesn't say why they killed but I would suspect it's because it looked to "Western-influenced" just like the backlash against Levi's for a while in the sixties

      1 year ago
    • True, inspiration is drawn from the likes of both muscle cars(maybe) and Porsche's.

      So as much as they thought it was a great idea, it was not...sadly.

        1 year ago