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The Spanish GP DRIVETRIBE Power Rankings!

Who was the best amid a Mercedes-Hamilton tactical masterclass?

4w ago

Remarkably, this is Hamilton's best-ever start to a season. And given the challenge Verstappen and Red Bull have posed so far, that's ominous. Today in the race itself it was Max who emerged ahead in Turn One with a terrifically bullish move, but Hamilton managed to stay within range. Hamilton stopped twice and it was Hungary 2019 all over again; Lewis deleted the Red Bull's 23 second advantage in 16 or so laps and cruised to his third victory of the year. Once again, it was a fascinating battle for the lead with a familiar face on the top step.


But who was it that impressed you the most?

[Important note that 10 is the best score, whilst 1 is the worst!]


Here's who impressed you in Portimao:

1. Lewis Hamilton (10/10) He overtook Max, Valtteri and finally Sergio in a heavily combatted victory. Just 0.007s off pole and an astute tyre game to win by half a minute, aided by a sensational manoeuvre on Bottas, saw him score 10 again.

2. Max Verstappen (9/10) So nearly on pole and so near the Mercedes' for most of the race, but a fastest lap and second proved crucial points from a very respectable performance from Max.

3. Lando Norris (8/10) Lando was indeed ahead of Sergio for good deal of the race, and 5th place was yet again stunning from Norris in a season that's beginning to place him in F1's elite band of drivers.

=3. Fernando Alonso (8/10) His first near-complete race of the season, and his second points finish gave Fernando a great 8/10.

=3. Esteban Ocon (8/10) Alpine continued their improvement in Portugal and Ocon lead their charge in both qualy and the race. Superb.

4. Valtteri Bottas (7/10) It was a quietly solid race for Valtteri; pole and finishing just behind the might of Lewis and Max is perhaps as much as you can ask from him.

=4. Sergio Perez (7/10) Something like fifty-three laps. That's how long Checo spent with medium tyres on. That, and a few laps in the lead. Is it coming together for him now? Let's hope so.

=4. Charles Leclerc (7/10) Charles keeps delivering in 2021; yet again more points which will certainly aid Ferrari's hopes in their battle with McLaren in the constructor's.

=4. Pierre Gasly (7/10) He got points again. Somehow. Gasly is perhaps the most underrated performer of 2021.

=4. Mick Schumacher (7/10) I'd say Hamilton was the best in Portugal. But Mick Schumacher was the most impressive. 17th doesn't look like much, and indeed that's his worst finish of the season, but overtaking Latifi in a shoebox with the name 'VF21' is a great achievement.

5. Daniel Ricciardo (6/10) Very mixed for Ricciardo. But 6/10 is fair.

=5. Carlos Sainz (6/10) His weekend fell apart along with the fitting of the C2 medium tyres; he never recovered and slipped from sixth to just outside the points.

=5. Lance Stroll (6/10) Nothing of note from Aston Martin, but finishing ahead of Vettel is perhaps as much as he could have done.

=5. Antonio Giovinazzi (6/10) Lucky to not have his tyre blown up on the restart, but a gruelling and dogged recovery to pass Vettel and finish 12th was excellent.

=5. George Russell (6/10) Very good on the Saturday, but the FW43B just went nowhere on the Sunday. Six out of Ten.

6. Yuki Tsunoda (5/10) Hasn't really be the same since Bahrain as he? Another mid-weekend, with no points, unfortunately.

=6. Sebastian Vettel (5/10) Ultimately, Q3 was as good as it got. But it was a remarkable achievement in itself, so is 5 a touch low?

7. Nicolas Latifi (4/10) Well... he was overtaken by a shoebox, wasn't he?

8. Kimi Raikkonen (1/10) The only driver to retire on Lap 1 this season, and now the second driver to receive the lowest possible score. Ouch.

=8. Nikita Mazepin (1/10) The day he gets more than one out of ten will be a very chaotic day indeed.


1. Lewis Hamilton (9.7/10)

=1. Max Verstappen (9.7/10)

2. Lando Norris (8.7/10)

3. Charles Leclerc (7.7/10)

4. Sergio Perez (7.3/10)

5. Daniel Ricciardo (6.7/10)

=5. Carlos Sainz (6.7/10)

=5. Lance Stroll (6.7/10)

6. Yuki Tsunoda (6.3/10)

=6. Esteban Ocon (6.3/10)

=6. Fernando Alonso (6.3/10)

7. Mick Schumacher (6/10)

8. Pierre Gasly (5.7/10)

9. Kimi Raikkonen (5.3/10)

=9. Antonio Giovinazzi (5.3/10)

10. Valtteri Bottas (5/10)

11. Sebastian Vettel (4.7/10)

12. George Russell (4.3/10)

13. Nicolas Latifi (3/10)

14. Nikita Mazepin (1/10)

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