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The Spec for My New Porsche GT3! | GARAGE

Did I make the right choices?

3y ago

It's time to let you know how I have chosen to spec my new Porsche 911 GT3! For me, it's a track car, that means bucket seats, roll cage, harnesses and most specifically a PDK gearbox. However, one secret I'm going to keep from you now is the colour choice that I'm going for... It's going to be a PTS colour that I'll reveal to you when we're back in Zuffenhausen to actually see it being built! How do you like the spec?

No doubt there will be many questions about the manual vs PDK debate, however looking at the other cars in my garage and what my intended use of this car is, PDK is by far the most logical. In terms of colour, I wanted to create something bold and striking, so please stay tuned to see what colour I've chosen!

I'm expecting the car to be built in December ready for delivery at the turn of the year, maybe keeping it to a 2018 registration, we shall see when exactly it's ready.

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