The Special Editions are back!


4y ago


Growing up in the 1980s provided a rich environment for the young car enthusiast. I had the current offerings like Night Rider (Pontiac Firebird) and CHiPs (Motorcycles and various car chases), as well as a few carryovers from earlier generations like Rockford Files (another Firebird) and Magnum P.I. (Ferrari 308 GTS), finally, who could forget my all time favorite, Speed's fictitious Mach-5.

So there is no wonder, that whatever generation I am a part of, it is a very car-centric generation, and it's showing in the showrooms today.

Just this morning I saw that the always confusing, Nissan Juke, will be sporting a Black-Pearl edition. This edition is mainly cosmetic, wearing the colors of a blacked-out special edition '78 Datsun 280Z, nice to see things come full circle while paying homage to their USA roots.

Meanwhile, the Germans are getting involved with the special edition trend sporting a cosplay edition R8, or as Audi would like it called, the Star of Lucis edition. This car is based on a video game car in the Final Fantasy world.

Then there's Chrysler, who never really left the world of special edition vehicles but, have recalled an old, yet awkward, name from the 60s, Scat Pack. OK.

Finally we come to my current love affair, the Porsche 911R. As if there weren't enough special editions of Porsche's mainstay 911, they have apparently outdone themselves yet again, by focusing on the off-track enthusiast versus the typical GT3 driver. And, I want one.

So, I would like to point out, as a lifelong car enthusiast, that now is one of the best times to be a fan of the automobile. Besides the special editions, we have new technologies, and even new manufacturers, bringing us the best options this world has ever seen.

Lucky us!

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  • A few 911Rs I'm sure, but it's a driving enthusiast's car, I think (hope) a majority will go to them.

      4 years ago
  • Shame that many of these will sit in hermetically-sealed bubbles for investment, rarely to be driven.

      4 years ago