The specs of the 700bhp Ferrari 488 GTO have been leaked

1y ago


Mutterings of a hardcore, limited edition 488 have been circulating the automotive landscape over the last 12 months. Now, thanks to a Ferrari dedicated web page, we can reveal the specs of the uprated supercar.

The GTB engine currently produces 661bhp and the GTC4 Lusso T's unit produces 680bhp. So the incoming GTO is set to produce around 700bhp when released.

Ferrari Photo Page has managed to get hold of a powerpoint presentation that claims the 488 GTO will use racing modifications to the 488's engine to make it the most powerful road-going V8 the company has ever produced. That means it'll be packing more than 700bhp, putting it directly in the firing line of the Nurburgring-slaying Porsche 911 GT2 RS.

The presentation doesn't refer to the car officially as a 'GTO', instead using the name 'Sport Special Series'. The black show car in the presentation does feature a couple of racing stripes down the centre however, furthering the notion towards a 'Speciale' or 'GTO' variant.

The 599 GTO was the last Ferrari to feature the coveted GTO badge.

The presentation discloses the following about the car:

• A 40% weight reduction over the standard 488 alloys

• The engine will be the most powerful V8 ever used in a Ferrari and is a development of the 488 Challenge racing engine

• The engine is 10% lighter than the unit used in the 488 GTB

• It will feature the highest use of carbon fibre on a production Ferrari

• The front bonnet, front bumper, rear spoiler and rear bumper are made entirely out of carbon fibre

Image via Ferrari Photo Page

• It will feature the largest amount of racing technology transfer on a Ferrari road car

• It will be 20% more efficient aerodynamically than the 488 GTB

• A GTE racing inspired rear diffuser is also present, along with an active rear spoiler

• It has a new racing transmission

• New Michelin Sport Cup 2 tyres will finish off the package

It won't be long until this much anticipated 488 is with us and considering the plaudits that the GTB received, a hardcore GTO version could be one of the most capable Ferraris ever to leave the gates of Maranello.

What time do you think this motorsport-inspired Ferrari will set around the 'Ring? Will it topple the mighty GT2 RS?

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