The Spectacular 10.400Rpm VW Corrado R Widebody Screamer

One of the coolest Berg-Cup racers ever built

The widebodied Volkswagen Corrado Monster built by Minichberger continued its evolution during last season although raced less regularly. Making use of Minichberger Motorsport¬īs ultimate spec for the 2.0L Naturally Aspirated base using the mechanics from the old Audi A4 Touring Car it is still a marvelous sounding and quite quick machine.

Owned by Markus Reich, and raced on different events either by Mr. Reich or Hans Petter Eller, this 310Hp/10.400Rpm FWD Machine weighs little over 800Kg, uses a 6-Speed Sequential Gearbox among other goodies, but rumours are that its future may hold something quite different. Perhaps a low Displacement engine fitted with a Turbocharger..who any case it will surely be even quicker and still rev-happy...

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Comments (2)

  • I used to own a Corrado G60, laggy and slow, hated it. Traded for a CBR900RR

      8 months ago
  • That is one amazing machine. To get that many revs out of anything is interesting. Sounds amazing! Didn't seem to be wild at all - well sorted.

      8 months ago