The Spectacular, Great Sounding Opel Ascona B 8v Berg-Cup Monster

    Proper Berg-Cup racer in all its Naturally Aspirated, high revving glory

    This is the beautiful Opel Ascona B 8v shared by Johann Hatezic and Roland Christall on the german Berg-Cup series, now for over a decade. Using as base the more uncommon Ascona B, it is powered by a 2.0L Naturally Aspirated engine (CIH block) in 8 valve form.


    What should account for over 250Hp/8.000Rpm (conservative guesstimate..) it moves the classic 800Kg RWD machine in spectacular fashion, all while delivering a deliciously "old-school" Soundtrack. Here it can be see attacking St.Agatha, Wolsfeld and Eschdorf Hillclimb events.

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