The Sr400 you wouldn't expect

How a subtle commuter can become a vintage racing hommage

3y ago

Yamaha has recently put on the market in Europe a version of the classic Sr400 that has been sold in Japan since 1978. It's a super-easy vehicle with a single air-cooled cilynder and kick start.

It is thought to be a simple 2-people commuter with low maintenance cost and basic performance.

It looks subtle and a little "poor" in its stock trim so the owner decided it needed a boost in order to get a bit more satisfaction in owning it.

We decided we need to follow the k.i.s.s. approach and exploit its old design enhancing some of its carateristics. Being an aircooled mono the inspiration came straight form the british motorsport heritage.

The frame has been kept almost stock, only cut and modified in the rear to house a new single seater vintage-racing style tail. A dedicated leather striped saddle has been built to match the new line

The fuel tank is made by aluminium and is based on the shape of 60s/70s sports bikes, with bulks and recesses in the pursuit of some ergonomics.

Black and silver is the theme of all the project and almost nothing is left out of it.

A new bottle-shaped muffler gived more carachter to the rear end. It really works well with the rear drum brake and the new rear dampers.

On the front we find a big single round headlight in a black housing where we open a couple of holes for control lights.

A new chromed condor handlebar replaces the stock taller one and gives the bike the idea of a racing pedigree but keeping more comfort if compared to handlebar halves. New custom small gauges are used for revcounter and speedometer.

Custom made footrest have been designed and built to accomodate a sportier riding position.

In the end this little and cute Yamaha is the living proof that you don't need to afford a 4 zeros investment to make a nice -looking bike.

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