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    The SSC Tuatara Becomes First Car To Hit 300 MPH

    To be precise, the 5.9-liter V8 hypercar hit on average a top speed of 316 mph.

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    316 mph

    Shelby SuperCars' new Tuatara hypercar is officially the first 300mph car for production. According to Road & Track, the 1,750hp V8 hit 331.15 mph in a tailwind direction, which is insane considering SSC has considered breaking the 500km/h (312mph) barrier as early as 2013.

    Using two directions, the Shelby SuperCar reached 316.11 mph on average. And the SSC is America's first actually existent hypercar (rather than a one-off, like the Vector cars or the Lotus-based Hennessey Venom GT). SSC has stopped relying on GM's pushrod LS engines and started focusing on Nelson Racing's DOHC V8, keeping the Tuatara up to date with technology.

    Is the SSC Tuatara a reincarnated Ferrari F40?

    Motor Trend

    Motor Trend

    Arguably, the SSC Tuatara could be seen as the modern Ferrari F40. You could also argue that the Koenigsegg family and the McLaren Speedtail use twin-turbo V8s and are indeed very fast cars, but none of them come close in design to the Tuatara or the F40. The F40 used rear-wheel drive and the most powerful engine in production, a flat-plane-crank twin-turbo V8 to break speed records in 1987, and like the Tuatara, has the design of an actual race car.

    Road & Track

    Road & Track

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    • Remark: DT is such a weird place. There are three people who have posted this feat (you, me and Nate) and the turnout metrics are inconsistent. And it's a recurring trend: two authors can break the same article within hours of each other or even days later when a version has already gone up. It gets confusing.

      As for the car, what a weapon. And it looked like it could still pull further, too, which is a terrifying thought considering the final speed is already almost 40mph faster than the Koenigsegg Agera RS (which set its record on the same road as that Tuatara).

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