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I am getting married in June(17).

So what does this mean, apart from legally binding myself to another? Well it means there is an opportunity for a bit of a lads adventure under the excuse of a ‘stag doo’.

But what to do?

All best ideas are thought up when alcohol is involved and this one was no different. A pub lunch was the catalyst for this particular nugget, that naturally spiralled out of control and immediately involved everyone at the table going suspiciously quite as we all frantically surfed eBay on our phones.

It was at this point, the STAGON TOUR was born.

The general concept was to buy cheap wagons, drive down to the South coast, stopping somewhere for some grub on the way, get smashed, crawl back to the wagons and sleep in the back… Who needs posh camper vans or hotels when wagons will do the trick perfectly. It also means we all get to buy estates, the faster the better.

Turbo Volvos were the original source of excitement, with bids going in roughly 15 minutes after the conception. However the shortlist of requirements soon turned to RWD, manual and as much power as you can get for as cheap as possible. The downside to this, is the drifting community also seems to have this same set of requirements, so we were up against a tough crowd in the bidding wars.

5 months on from announcing the Stagon dream, the cars are purchased and we are now 4 days away from all meeting up for pre event libations on Friday before heading off on the tour Saturday morning.

Not all requirements were fulfilled on all cars, but we do have some stout purchases. All of which were below the £500 budget.

The first purchase came in early days in the form of a Turbodiesel Mercedes, with a manual gearbox. It has ticked every single box and for the price of £377 it is a trooper. After collecting it, a few letters were chipped off the back so it now reads ‘BODIES’.

To meet the rest of the cars, read more here:

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