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As a female who is into drifting, it's often asked where exactly did your love of cars and drifting come from? I wasn't one of those who was brought up around cars, quite the opposite. My Dad just has cars to get him to A to B and my Mum, she just hates driving completely. Growing up I remember my Dad having his Ford Mondeo and my Mum having a little Clio to drop me to school, that would 'kangaroo' the short drive from my house to the school. Not forgetting my Mum's awesome little Metro she had when I was really young. My two older brothers cared more about their hair and clothes than ever passing their driving tests. So, I was a bit of an anomaly.

My love for cars, in general, stemmed from friends, I remember going down to Lakeside GP (those were the days) in my friend's cars when I was still too young to drive and would watch all the cars flying past up and down the strip. Meeting more and more people into cars, I soon met someone who was into drifting, and as much as I hate to admit it was a guy that got me interested, it's the unavoidable case. My first memory of drifting was sitting in the passenger seat of an E36 compact, with my chicken mayo at hand, and next thing I know, this car's going sideways around the roundabout... Shouting at the driver to stop, and resulting in me being kicked out of the car so he could continue, what a date! From then on, I was pretty much hooked, spending weekends working on the cars, going to various car meets and finding spots where we could go drifting and absolutely loving life.

My first MX5 that never saw the road

I picked up my first little MX5 MK1 for a bargain (£200, an inexperienced with buying these cars...) but soon learned my lesson that it was too good to be true. With a rotten chassis that was more work than necessary, I spent my days ripping the car apart and learning more about the parts of the car. The money I made from breaking it (£1000, I was in my element) was soon spent on my second MX5, a 1.6 115bhp on coilovers, the diff was welded up almost instantly. Taking her out and getting her sideways was a great experience, and something I will never look back in regret, this car taught me a hell of a lot about driving and control of a car.

Who can say no to free spare tyres...

Soon the tyres, the spare parts and the oils started piling up, much to my parent's dismay of ruining their drive with diff oil, engine oil and any other oil you can think of. This car was my baby and no matter how much hate I got from everyone else, she made me smile every time I was behind the wheel, even when I crashed and ended up a kerb, and having to limp the car home on three wheels… It's been a journey learning the basics, but it's one that has been awesome. I've met some great people and great friends along the way. The MX5 scene is a great one, and the MX5 Punks have been extremely helpful, when it comes to needing yet another part, advice or even a hand at fixing the car.

I’m lucky enough to have a best friend who loves drifting just as much as me, my partner in crime, with many nights spent driving around and having a great evening, to track days and hours spent working on both of our cars to ensure they were both working. I wouldn’t have learned as much as I have without her by my side pushing me to my limits every single time we were together. Her and her partner even spending nights at mine fixing my car, whilst I was at my part-time bar job to help cover the expenses of my overpriced hobby. Also, having awesome parents who might complain about my cars, but are fully supportive of my choice, and often overheard bragging to friends about what I do.

My partner in crime on one of our many adventures

It soon came to a point where I had to say goodbye to my underpowered MX5 and pick up yet another underpowered car, moving to the Lexus IS200, which I am yet to get on the road and drift. I will be documenting the build and growth of the Lexus (which I can promise you, will be slow) so keep an eye out!

Always need a reliable daily to accompany a drift car now...

Where did your love of drifting begin? Share in the comments below!

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  • College seeing all the 340s/360s parked in the car park and thinking why have a grandad car till one off the guys told me why he had one then looked it up

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  • Some tough times in life. Found something I could channel everything in to. Get to event. Put the helmet on and smash the pedals and leave with a massive smile. Thing I love the most about drifting is the family style atmosphere. If something on the car breaks at an event everyone rallies around to find the parts you need. Or you lend someone a part or some tyres. Drifting is home for me ✌️

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