The State of New York wants to ban gas cars by 2035

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The governor of New York has followed California’s lead and signed a law that will ban sales of gas- and diesel-powered passenger trucks and cars by 2035. The state has also adopted a similar piece of legislation for gas-powered commercial vehicles, which will reportedly be banned by 2045.

EV sales in New York state accounted for less than 2% in 2020, and the law is designed to accelerate the transition towards electric mobility. There are, however, real-world and bureaucratic hurdles. This is essentially an executive order to force the Department of Environmental Conservation to propose regulations that will require all car makers to stop selling anything other than EVs and PHEVs in the state by 2035.

"Using California's Advanced Clean Trucks Rule as a template, the proposed regulation would require truck manufacturers to transition to clean, electric zero-emission vehicles," the governor's office said in a statement. The key word is ‘proposed’.

One [of many] issues with said law is there aren’t equivalent agency rules to promote sales of zero-emission vehicles and the state - specifically the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) - will also need policies [that aren’t there yet] to promote EV sales and create new infrastructures.

And then there are real-world issues, which nobody seems to ever care about. We can all agree that we need cleaner vehicles but there are numerous ways to achieve this, and using battery-powered vehicles is just one of the options.

Furthermore, electric cars are still too expensive and the public charging network is still inadequate. Thing are of course getting better on that front - no doubt about that - but not quickly enough. And what’s the point of banning gas cars in California and New York? People are just going to get their wheels somewhere else if they want to.

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  • Makes sense in NYC but not the rest of the state.

      30 days ago
  • Another liberal state thinking they're God

      30 days ago
  • Love when city folk try to push their ways on people who live in the suburbs or the sticks

      30 days ago
  • I love Florida

      29 days ago
  • NO


    AND NO. This shouldn't be happening. because if they are banned, then I'm guessing that means if we own an older gas car we will have to EV swap it.

      30 days ago
    • It only bans sales of NEW gas vehicles in the state. You can buy a used one or a new one out of state. This is also still a proposal, it's not an actual law, and even if it was it doesn't go into effect until 2035, giving them plenty of time to reflect...

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        28 days ago
    • Yeah I know, I figured it out. But then that just means that all the new and beautiful cars won't be able to sound nice, it'll just sound like a spaceship 😂

        28 days ago