The Stig Talks!

Some say he has a Brummie accent and that when he speaks, it causes a power cut in Berlin. All we know is, he's called the Stig.

1y ago

For many years, the Stig, has astounded and bewildered many with his acts of godly driving on the world famous television show, Top Gear. Some say he contains 47% horse, and that his hair is the exact same shape as a hat but one thing that we all do know about the Stig, is that he never talks (at least not on camera)… Or does he?

Veronica Vibes was a television show from around 2003 that, seen as they're speaking Dutch was presumably shown in the Netherlands. Other than that, I cannot find much else about the show, except that one of the only surviving clips is from their visit to the Top Gear studios in what seems to be the filming of season 3 with the presence of an old Lamborghini Miura and several other models, which I think was for the 40th anniversary of Lamborghini.

Throughout the clip, the presenter, is adamant on finding the Stig and its real identity.

After chatting with Hammond and May for a while, she eventually finds the thing in question and somehow gets the only words any of us have ever heard from him.

Obviously, the BBC probably wasn't happy with this clip back at the time, but it's great to look back on it now and to see Ben Collins' variation of the Stig with a new side to him which we've never seen.

As well as this, we get another treat, in seeing the Top Gear studio at Dunsfold, lit up before filming. It took me quite a while to realise that something was different, but once you see it, you realise how large the studio actually is.



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  • I think an interesting thing with Top Gear is that around about 2003-2006 Ben Colins would be a guest stunt driver in some tests (one example would be the Toyota Aygo football test)

      1 year ago
  • It says video unavailable

      1 year ago