The story inside

People buy cars. But often find them, too. Unbelievable, but someone parked in his garage one night, and for some reason, from that moment nothing happened anymore. The time has passed; that person died, probably, but his car is still there. She (yes, I do think cars have a soul) is still waiting for her owner to turn the key, start the engine and go to a specific place like they used to. But it won't happen. A rhythm has stopped. Dust starts sedimenting, cobwebs become bigger and bigger and glass turns opaque, just like it was trying to prevent the story of the past to get out. Year after year, paint changes, fuel lowers, tires become tired and want to rest on the floor... But the car is just sleeping and waiting for someone that remembers or discovers she's there. Ready to be moved. It may be difficult, it may be expensive, but she cannot die. Someone will step again into that garage, one day...

And something changes. A boy is playing at his grandparents’' with a ball that falls next to an old window. He's young and curious, so tries to watch through the old glass. It's dark inside, and very difficult to see what's in there. "Oh, it seems an old car!". And this is just the beginning. After few months, the boy manages to open a little door on the side of the building. The place is very dirty. He's still too young and isn't able to reach the car, too many objects abandoned in the years prevent him from reaching that obscure dream. Nobody has to know he went there. Someone could remember the old car is there, and something, don't know what, would change. So he goes there, in that secret place, and watches the old chrome, the dark paint. That's enough, for now.

And the years pass again... The boy is a young guy, now. He doesn't go to the garage anymore. But he's got a great passion for cars.

So one day he decides to tell the story to a friend. They share the same passion. So they go there together, with some tools. The front door is old and rusted, but after a couple of hours they can open it. A great joy pervades the guy. He is finally in front of that strange and unknown object. He has imagined that moment for a long time and now he's afraid to be disappointed.

1970 Fiat 125 Special, first garage opening after over 20 yrs.

Today I’m 23, but the passion for cars raised over the years since that first time in the garage, and I am not disappointed at all. But this is another story...

"the passion for cars raised over the years since that first time in the garage"

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