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The story of how Taylor Hull "accidentally" became a Formula Drift Pro driver

Hull sits down with VINwiki to reminisce about the path he took to be a Formula Drift driver.

7w ago

Taylor Hull is a Formula Drift Pro driver who competes in the series in a Cadillac ATS-V drift car, the lone Cadillac in the series. Hull originally got his start going a lot of oval track racing before he sold all his oval track gear to start drifting.

Hull told Sarah DriveTribe once "The skill it takes vs other forms of Motorsports. Anyone can get in a stock car and go drive on an oval and not look too bad after an afternoon of coaching. Not so much with drifting." In the VINwiki video above, Hull sits down and gives all the details on how he basically "fell" into the sport Formula Drift. For all the details, check out the video above!

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