The story of my 86

4y ago
- Day 1 - After an extended saga with the US and Canadian borders, finally imported to BC from the fine state of Idaho. Missing most of the interior aside from essentials, mystery stains everywhere, bald tires, big hole in the muffler, dirty af.
- Over the next few months sorted out wheels & tires, lowering springs and new dampers. Took care of minor engine tune up stuff and cleaned and replaced missing bits from the interior.
- RWD!
- First long road trip after I finished the initial round of fixits.
- New clutch n such.
- Rust and Trim... Time to get rid of it all! ( there any greater hubris than that of an amateur body-worker?)
- Rust and more rust...
- Welding!
- Metal!
- Metal!
- Bit of work to do here...
- Bondo! (plus lots of prepping and sanding)
- Thankfully the fenders came off easily, with only a few rusty and broken bolts to deal with...
- Time for painting.
- I was worried about shaping the fenders where the groove/holes from the trim were, but it turned out pretty well.
- Freshening up all the exterior plastics and trim.
- Cleaned and refinished the ol supras, then painted them up.
- Budget sound insulation. Actually worked out decently.
- Messing with lights.
- Kept the motor mostly stock, other than the usual basic stuff. Intake, replaced motor fan with electric, removed the power steering (that was a dumb idea, but I was young, and it is a good work out...) A friend fabbed up a stainless exhaust.
- New muffler, upswept tips increased downforce over 9000%.
- Home.
- It's basic compared to a lot of the stuff out there, but every time I see it I smile and get a little fizz.
- I even put it in a car show. The decidedly non-JDM oriented crowd was somewhat bemused by a mid-80's econobox, but they liked the paint and the fact it was RWD, and I met some good folks.
- Then one day it had a baby... I think it must have been that night I had a few too many and left it parked outside a monster truck show...

A mild mannered and somewhat haphazard evolution, with most of the work done by me.

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