The Story of Porsche's Mysterious MPV

What was the Varrera? Why did Porsche make it? And why is it now gone forever?

While I was reading an article on Lambo's attempt to make an electric commercial vehicle, I decided to investigate the website mentioned in the article called in order to see what other crazy concepts have been invented over the years.

After scrolling through several names, I came to the Porsche section, and after even more scrolling, I stumbled onto something amazing. Something that can only be described as the Bigfoot of the car industry: a Porsche MPV called the Varrera.

I have never heard of this car before, and even when I researched it online I couldn't find much information. I was however able to find an article on about the prototype, where the story of the car was explained.

Back in the 1960s, Porsche had attempted to create a minivan with the same performance as a 911 under the codename EA226, and despite the project being cancelled, Porsche were determined to try again later, which they did in the 1980s by partnering up with VW.

The plan was to create an MPV with a modified chassis from VW's Sharan minivan, and then spice it up by 1000% by installing a flat-six engine and a gearbox from a 911, which to be honest sounds amazing.

The interior was also spiced up, with drawn-up plans featuring stereo, fully electric system, a unique dashboard - I don't know what they meant by that - and leather trimmed, wide-bolstered seats.

Why was the project terminated then? Well, we don't know, but what we know unfortunately is that the only prototype of the Varrera was reportedly destroyed, meaning that this brings us to the end of the Varrera story.

Looking back at it, I think it was a probably daft idea to exterminate this unique specimen, as Porsche could have possibly catapulted the rise of the MPVs earlier than it happened in real life had the vehicle been put into production. Still, there's some good news, as the combination of big body and even bigger power that Varrera had lives on in the form of Cayenne and Macan SUVs.

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