The story of the gold plated DeLoreans

A very unusual special edition

2y ago

The story begins in 1979, when the credit card company American Express wanted a special advertisement for their Gold card and together with the DeLorean Motor Company, decided to make a series of maximum 100 cars only for American Express. The cars would be exclusively plated with 24 carat gold.

After finding a company to galvanically gold-plate the cars, in 1981 the project finally began and two DeLoreans together with some spare parts were made. American Express offered them for 85.000 Dollars each (obviously you could only buy them with the Gold card) which back then was twice as much as you would have to pay for a Ferrari.

Sadly, only those two DeLoreans were sold before DMC stopped the project.

One of them quickly ended up in a museum (the National Transportation Museum in Reno) and the other one was bought by the director of the Snyder Bank in Texas and kept in a glassy safe. Even after the death of the owner, it remained in the safe because in his testament he said that the DeLorean isn't allowed to be sold until his grandson gets 30 years old. Since 2003, the car stands in the Peterson Automobile Museum in Los Angeles as a loan.

However, those two aren't the only gold plated DeLoreans which were made. Actually, there were five of them.

The third one was made later, after the project, out of the spare parts which remained from the first two. It was owned by the manager of the company that bought the bankrupt's assets of the DeLorean Motor Company. It changed owners a couple of times and it is unclear who the current owner is.

And then, there are the last two gold plated DeLoreans which simply were reproduced by enthusiasts. And one of them was on sale recently for 150,000 $.

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