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The Story of The Long Lost Post War Japanese-American Race Car

Let me tell you something, you may believe this, or you may not. It's all up to you.

You know Hino Motors? Yes, that one company that makes trucks and industrial vehicles, almost for the whole of its life. Now will you believe if it tell you it was not like it is today? Like, it used to make, yep, you guessed it, a race car, because why would i post it here if it's not a race car?

No, its not a racing truck, it's actually a race car, and the picture is not wrong.

The 1967 BRE Hino Samurai, was a long lost prototype race car built by Hino Motors from Japan and Brock Racing Enterprises from USA, this car was developed with the vision of Peter Brock on entering a car into 1967 Japanese Grand Prix. There is not much known about this car, but it is better than none.

The car was powered by a small, Rear-Mid mounted DOHC Mikuni Solex PH carburated 1.3L Inline 4 cylinder GR100 engine taken from the normal Hino Contessa 1300, then modified into DOHC. The engine still uses the same block but it has a different head made of alumunium, with a newly designed piston crank, as a result, it produces 110hp, while the original stock Contessa engine produces around 65hp, may sound very dissapointing at first, but remember, its made in Japan, in 1967, by Hino!

The car was also very lightweight, with a lot of development put into the chassis by BRE, it has the final weight of just 530kg (1170lbs), thats light enough to balance the small engine power unit

The car was then sent to Japan to participate in 1967 Japanese Grand Prix, after a long inspection by the stewards, they came into a devastating, hillarious and ridiculous conclusion the car was BANNED from the competition as the car's ride height was too low to participate.

Shortly after, the president of Hino corporation passed away, resulting in the cancellation of the project and the company got into financial crisis, resulting in them merging with Toyota, and after that, the car was gone, (nearly) forgotten.

The car was owned by several owners after all that, latest update by Mike Gullett from mycarquest.com said he has been messaged that the car was hidden in a garage of the messenger somewhere in a garage in Southern California, for 20 years, collecting dust, but after all that, the contact with the messenger has been lost.

With this post, i really hope we can gather more info about this car and hopefully, find it, this has been one of my dr
eam cars for a long time, and i do hope it gets more recognition by everyone.

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