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T​he Strange Benefit Racing Point Gets Out Of Bad Qualifying.

3d ago


T​ypically, a bad qualifying has no upsides in F1, but for Racing Point, things are different. While it doesn't help their championship hopes, and it makes for a harder race tomorrow, there is a feel-good side of the otherwise gloomy situation: it gives more opportunity for Racing Point to give to charity.

I​ should explain, it isn't actually Racing Point giving to charity- rather, it is their sponsor SportPesa. From the British GP and onwards, Sport Pesa pledges to give $1,000 to breast cancer research for each position that Sergio Perez and Lance Stroll gain throughout the race.

B​ecause Racing Point are starting from the back of the grid, (or thereabouts), it gives them more oppurtunity to overtake throughout the race. If both of the Racing Point's had started in fifth and sixth, they could only gain 9 places in the race, but starting at the rear lets them gain more positions. For example, with Perez starting 15th, and Stroll starting 18th, they could raise up to 31,000 USD in tomorrow's race (in theory, at least).

T​he team previously known as Force India has been giving to charities since 2017, and have given 212,000 British Pounds to researching breast cancer. SportPesa plans to add yet more to the teams charity piggy bank through this creative initiative called Sport Pesa- Grid that Gives.

T​his is what Team Principle Otmar Szafnauer has to say, “We are proud of the work that has been done through our partnership with Breast Cancer Care, and it’s great to see SportPesa joining our efforts to raise further awareness and funds,”

SportPesa have already committed to giving 50,000 Pound Sterling to the fund, and the performance of the drivers will merely add to the pot.

S​peaking of, the drivers are thoroughly committed to the pledge, with Sergio Perez explaining how it has changed his mindset. "I'd rather do a good race! It'll be an extra motivation to try to not have a great qualifying, but have a fantastic race..."

A​nd, of any team to do it, Force In- sorry, Racing Point are the perfect one, as Lance Stroll has stellar race-pace, but tends to struggle in Qualifying, and his teammate Sergio Perez tends to have the same strengths and weaknesses.

S​o, even if you are an avid Lance Stroll fan, at least you can take solace knowing that a bad qualifying has its benefits.