The strange british toys in Russia

      For some reason, to British the motorollers looked like a scooter, a children's toy, which rode with a foot pushing off the road. Therefore, the word scooter has acquired another meaning. It has and other children's features. The main reason for loving them is the ability to drive without a driver's license. And for low cost.
      In Russian, the word scooter came from English and means only a motoroller. Children's toy scooter in Russian is called "samokat".
      The first to produce a scooter, and it was not the children's toys, began Italy, shortly after the end of the war. At that time it was the most fashionable transport. Most often it was "Vespa" or "Lambretta", because they seem to be the most successful in terms of price and quality. And sitting behind the wheel, the mods chose the appropriate suit: a leather jacket and cropped trousers with cuffs. It would be fun if they chose a blue cap, a red jersey, yellow pants and a whistle for themselves. But there is also the word to scoot in English which means quickly running away. Black leather jackets were cool, rebellious and made anyone inconspicuous at night !

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