The Strangest Vehicle in AMG's History is actually a Diesel Van!!

At the same time as the AMG Hammer, the Mercedes hot-rodders were building this 9-seater, which is rather Non-AMG stuff

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If the Mitsubishi AMG-Galant, R63, G65, G63 6x6 etc are some interesting and unusual cars of AMG, its 9-seater luxury MPV tops the list. Park one next to an AMG 280 GE 5.6 Sport(Pictured Below) from a decade earlier, and you have the perfect duo of all-purpose unicorns at hand—not to mention an amazing photo opportunity.

AMG 280 GE 5.6 Sport

AMG 280 GE 5.6 Sport

While many people believe the 2001-2004 Mercedes-Benz C 30 CDI AMG was the first and so far only diesel model built in Affalterbach, the 1989 AMG MB 100 D(The Van) begs to differ. Just two years after the sorta infamous Hammer(Yessir, cuz it was very rare and so, people sorta disliked it) hit the scene, AMG turned its attention towards Benz's Spanish-made workhorse.



AMG offered an upgraded diesel both in 2.4- or 3.0-liter form, tuned to give the light van 98 or 127 horsepower, mostly thanks to a new sequential turbocharger. The extra kraft came in handy, considering the weight penalty of rich leathers and television sets.

Inside, the AMG MB 100 D featured nine more-supportive seats wrapped in the same Alcantara as the van's practical folding table. The steering wheel got a leather makeover, and as far as the gadgets went, your Deutsche Marks could get you premium audio, as well as telephone and video systems. The speedometer topped out at 160 km/h (100 mph).

The exterior package was even more impressive. The AMG MB 100 D came with green-tinted windows and a two-tone paint job in either pearlescent grey or blue-black metallic. AMG added modified bumpers, side sills and fender extensions, plus a dual headlight grille packing bi-focal illumination.

Interestingly, the rims designed for this van became part of Mercedes-Benz's special equipment catalog for standard vehicles once Daimler took a majority stake in AMG in 1990. That's why two versions of these wheels exist. The early ones feature the original AMG logo, while the latter set has the Mercedes-AMG brand with the stripes.

Unsurprisingly, very few AMG MB 100 Ds were made. With all the bells and whistles ticked, these MPVs cost three times as much as a base MB 100 D. Still, some were used as rapid transporters for DTM teams, including Team AMG König Pilsener Mercedes-Benz.

But if you think the AMG MB 100 Ds are rare...........what's the right word for the Brabus?? Do lemme know in the comments!!!

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  • Got to start somewhere. This sort of stuff helped AMG learn and as such look at what they do today. I would want to change the past as the present is truly brilliant.

      4 months ago

      4 months ago
  • Cant wait for Doug Demuro to review this hypervan.

      4 months ago
  • Ooooh!! Love it!!

      4 months ago
  • Warning!! Warning!! AMG Division has made a van. CMON RUN!

      3 months ago