The stunning breadvan Hommage

Niels van Roij Design has built a one-off hommage to the Ferrari breadvan

We are probably all familiar with the "breadvan" Ferrari 250 GTO, and now Dutch coachbuilder Niels van Roij built a one-off hommage. The car is based on a Ferrari 550, but you won't find any Ferrari logo on the car itself. This to avoid Ferrari's lawyers. That's why the official press release says it's based on a "Italian V12 Grand Turismo coupe". The name "Ferrari" isn't even mentioned once.

In my opinion it looks astonishing and to the question of who's the owner. Well the huge sticker on the rear window might give that away.

The interior is handmade and the seats are made from blue Alcantara carbon-fibre, one of the dials says the words "che importa", which translates to who cares.

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