The Subaru Viziv shows us the next WRX STI

After a very vague teaser, Subaru has unveiled the Viziv concept which will be the next super-fast STI

3y ago

Subaru has finally unveiled the Viziv concept at the Tokyo Motor Show, and it shows us the next WRX STI, and it’s an absolute monster of a car.

Everything is full of aggressive right angles, and it looks utterly immense. The sharp edges start with that huge grille and deep front spoiler. At the sides, it’s been equipped with massive square-jawed box style arches making the car look hunkered and pounced to attack. From every single angle, it just looks super fast, super aggressive and like the Subaru of the future we’d always hoped for.

As always with these things, Subaru is keeping all performance and technical data top secret (boo), the only thing they have confirmed is that the traditional flat-four and permanent four-wheel drive remains.

This concept measures in at 4.63m long, 1.95m wide with a 2.73m wheelbase. The pick of all these numbers is that the concept is a massive 155mm wider than the outgoing WRX STI. This is down to those hugely wide box arches, the one piece of the design we really hope that Subaru keep when the Viziv becomes a reality.

The Japanese carmaker says its next generation of cars will not sacrifice the driver enjoyment side of things either in the face of advancing tech. For anyone that’s ever driven a WRX STI, they are just simple and engaging to drive, so the news that the inclusion of Subaru’s next-generation ‘Eyesight’ driving assist system will not detract from the actual driving experience is a very good thing.

As for guesstimates of power? Well, we’d be placing our money on the 400bhp or thereabouts marker so the new WRX STI can keep pace with the new generation of ‘Uber’ Hot-Hatches. For the last decade or so, fast ‘Scoobies’ have been sitting at around 300bhp so we would expect (and hope) this one to show progress with a welcome bump in the power wars.

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  • Looks just like this beauty that never came to fruition.

      3 years ago
  • when will they become available for on thre Us market?

      3 years ago