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The Sun, Sydney, And A 2020 Audi Q3 Launch Edition - REVIEW

With A Clear Blue Sky - What Can Possibly Go Wrong?

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Hello everyone. This is my comprehensive hands on review of the brand new 2020 Audi Q3 Launch Edition. I hope you enjoy.


This particular Q3 is the Launch Edition, and happens to be the last one sold in NSW. The main differences between the Standard and Launch Edition, are the larger rims, and the glossy black grille, both of which can be found on the Q3 Launch Edition.

Part One: The Ride

Photo Taken By Captain Cars On Drivetribe

Photo Taken By Captain Cars On Drivetribe

The drive into the city was relatively smooth, although a majority of Sydneys roads are an absolute mess. Because of this, it's hard to tell whether it was the suspension or the roads that was the source of the bumpy ride. As we made our way onto the freeway, we opened it up, and, to my surprise, it's genuinely quite powerful, but still manages to be relatively quiet, even at speeds in excess of 90kph.

Upon entering the harbour tunnel, you begin to truly notice how quiet the Q3 really is. The signature mood lighting also came into effect here, lighting up the car in a warm red glow.

Once we exited the tunnel, we made our way onto some more suburban roads, to test whether the Q3 could handle the tight corners, and bumper to bumper traffic. An interesting feature of the Q3 is that once you stop, the parking brake automatically turns on, so you don't have to keep your foot on the brake. Once you set off again, it turns off immediatley. It may seem rudimentary to Audi owners, but this fascinated me.

Photo Taken By Captain Cars On Drivetribe

Photo Taken By Captain Cars On Drivetribe

The Q3 handles tight corners extremely well, even though it's an SUV, it handles like a hatchback.

The Q3 handles tight corners extremely well. even though it's an SUV, it handles like a hatchback.

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The suburban roads put up a fight, but the Q3 managed to coast along nicely, even with the numerous potholes that dotted the streets.

With relatively little traffic, we were able to cruise along the waterside. We soon arrived at our destination, and I was able to determine that it was indeed the roads that were bad, not the suspension.

Photo Taken By Captain Cars On Drivetribe

Photo Taken By Captain Cars On Drivetribe

Part Two: The Car

​Photo Taken By Captain Cars On Drivetribe

​Photo Taken By Captain Cars On Drivetribe

The Exterior

On the whole, the Q3 is a good looking car. With just the right amount of chrome inserts, there is no sense of "over the top" with this car. The only issue surrounding the launch edition could be the grille, which I find is a bit too shiny. Aside from that near insignificant complaint, it is a well designed car. One thing I noticed is that the place where the exhaust should be houses no exhaust... instead there is just a triangle that is closed off. The exhaust is found underneath the car, pointing toward the ground.

The Interior

The clean design continues on to the interior too. The interior manages to blend geometric shapes and curves, in a way few cars have. The steering wheel feels solid, although I'm not fond of the plastic-like leather that wraps the center of the wheel. This plastic-like leather is seen in some of the door inserts too. The seats are spacious, comfortable, and still retain the sweet leather smell we all love.

In my opinion, the highlight of the interior design is the gage cluster, which is now fully digitised, allowing for you to add certain things to your taste. For example, if you want to see the weather in your gage cluster, simply add it via the infotainment screen. The gearstick is decent enough, I quite like the leather gearstick boot - it really blends in with the rest of the car. My least favourite feature of the car are the pedals. You would expect that a Launch Edition Audi would have studded metal pedals - but no, the Q3 is limited to plastic pedals, which is a disappointment. Overall, the interior is really nice.

Part Three: Features

Photo Taken By Captain Cars On Drivetribe

Photo Taken By Captain Cars On Drivetribe

The Q3 comes with a host of features, but I'll talk the most important ones in my opinion.

The car has a brilliant 360 degree camera system, which makes difficult manuevers easier. It also has auto park, which is becoming more common these days, but it still a nice touch. It has numerous sensors that detect if cars are changing lanes, and also has cruise control, that watches the car in front, and if they slow down, you do too. This particular Q3 has Audis signature sweeping LED indicator as seen below. Please note that the car in the video is not the Q3 launch edition - it's an older Q3.

One of the things I don't like about the Q3 is the navigation menu. Although it has a very responsive touch screen, and great UI design, I find the menus difficult to navigate, and you can easily get lost. I also found that the mood lighting controls appeared and disappeared as we drove. Whether this was intentional or not, I do not know.


The Specs

The Audi Q3 comes with either I4 or I5. This particular model has a 1.4L I4, which developes around 147 horsepower. This may not seem like much, but keep in mind this car is not meant for speed. That role is handed to the sportier RSQ3. The price paid for this particular Q3 was $62,000 AUD, but this varies based on options and model designations.


Overall, the Q3 is a decent car, which ticks all the boxes for space, comfort, handling and overall build quality. Some improvements could be made with the interior build materials, but otherwise, it's a great car.


This Was My First Hands On Review - Let Me Know What You Think In The Comments!

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