I rode shotgun on a drive out to the Texas Hill Country.

01_THE MEET: The day begins under a passing storm front. I've been on the route before before, but something tells me today is different.

02_PHOTOJOURNALIST: Leica instruments are as precise and iconic as the cars about to be driven.

03_OPERATING TEMPERATURE: The heady mix of oil, fuel and exhaust begins to permeate the air. The motors are ready.

04_THE DRIVE: Like a peloton charging through the Ardennes Forest, the group attacks the Texas hill country with millimeter precision and control.

05_CHASERS: The gap opens and closes but the chasers are never far behind.

06_PIT STOP: Intermission. Time to compare driving notes, converse about cars, et satisfaire un besoin naturel.

07_MINTGRUN: Intermission. Even with the ignition off, this searing 911 still manages to shatter the peaceful countryside.

08_SUN'S OUT: The group punches through the storm front and it releases its grip, revealing clear skies and a crisp fall Texas landscape.

09_CRUISE: The soundtrack of the harmonious flat six crescendoes from bend to bend as the conversation flows naturally to these classics and tangible elements like steel, wood and leather.

10_UNTIL NEXT TIME: The worst part of any roller coaster is when the ride slows to a stop and it is time to get off. See you next time!

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