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The Sunday Read

The front cover of the October 1953 issue of Rod & Custom Magazine.

A look at the October, 1953 Issue of Rod & Custom Magazine.

Bikini clad front page models aside, this issue of R&C includes a special about one of the most famous Custom Mercury's in the history of Custom cars. The Hirohata Merc is featured in a story about driving the car to a show in Indianapolis, IN. The story includes getting it ready for the trip and the trip to the show. This story stuck in the minds of many people in the early Custom and Hot Rodding world. What better way to test your Rod or Custom by making a cross country trip? This story would go on to inspire the idea behind the Street Rodding movement in the post Muscle Car era. This story, and others like it, would be pointed to as typical of the kind of fun a group could have going to one of the Street Rodding shows that would start up in the early 1970s. (see the whole feature in the gallery below)

The Rods:

Two really nice Rods are featured this month. First up is a beautiful full fendered '32 Ford Coupe. Dick "Pop" Bundick's Coupe is a fine example of a rare full fendered West Coast car. The second Rod is a wild '15 Ford touring T that was turned into a truck by a previous owner. This is one of the wildest Hot Rods we've seen yet!

The Custom:

The Custom come up short this month. Last month's issue of R&C shorted the Rods and gave those pages to the Customs. This month we only get one custom, but what a beauty it is!

The importance of the story about the Hirohata Merc can not be underestimated. In fact, it might be one of the most reprinted stories from the early days of R&C magazine. The article inspired numerous trips like it and was at the very heart of what the Street Rodding movement was all about!

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