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Gone are the days when a personal assistant was the preserve of jet set CEOs and Hollywood divas. Today, with the arrival of Porsche 360+, everyone can have a PA of their very own, on call 24/7, tailoring life to their every whim.

Well, sort of. Porsche 360+ is an app that has been designed to provide you with a real-life, round-the-clock digital assistant. Or, indeed, several. The concept is currently being trialled as a pilot project for iOS and, after being launched this week together with the new 992, will at first be limited to 911 drivers. Downloadable from the App Store, it will initially cost €99 per month – far cheaper than the real thing and with none of that holiday allowance/sick leave nonsense.

As your constant digital companion, Porsche 360+ offers services that aim to make everyday life easier for Porsche customers while opening up access to a variety of exclusive experiences. From the gift you need to find at short notice, or a custom travel itinerary, to tickets for a sold-out concert, our team of personal assistants will deal with your day-to-day and exclusive requests at any time of the day or night. Requests that are more out-of-the-ordinary can also be fulfilled with the support of Porsche’s certified partners.

The Porsche 360+ app is easy to use and fully interactive. It bundles all relevant information in a dashboard format which makes it possible to track and control requests and also access suggestions offered by your lifestyle assistant. In addition to the current status of personal requests, customers can also use the app to contact their personal assistant via messaging, email or phone call, and can share information with the assistant by uploading a photo.

Far from being a solely reactive process, the Porsche 360+ concept also offers users inspiration in various categories, such as lifestyle experiences and essential services. This might be a vehicle service suggestion such as a premium hand wash at a convenient location while you are on the road. But beyond the practical, your assistant can also provide inspiration when it comes to luxury living, such as by recommending top restaurants and travel tips, with hand-picked recommendations to improve your experience at every interval.

Having the app will provide a form of exclusive membership too, offering advantages such as access to selected business clubs around the world – putting conference rooms at airports at your disposal for example. Which admittedly isn’t textbook diva material, but we like to think it might prove more useful.

Ultimately, the app will not be limited to Porsche drivers, as CEO of Porsche Digital Thilo Koslowski, explains: “Porsche is synonymous with fascinating experiences – including beyond the car. We want Porsche 360+ to provide our customers with unforgettable moments, and give them the gift of time. Our objective is to recognise and fulfil individual requests.”

Porsche 360+ is your round the clock, round the world facilitator, all part of an exciting vision for our digital future that has been designed to help you get the best from life behind the wheel and beyond.

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  • 'Requests that are more out-of-the-ordinary' - Can you bump me a real-life free 911 please?

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