The supercar engine quiz!

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    What company made the Aston Martin One-77's V12 engine?

    • Cosworth
    • Cummins
    • GM
    • Aston Martin, obviously!

    What engine does the Koenigsegg CCR have?

    • Ford-based, 4.7L V8
    • GM-based, LS4 V8
    • Ferrari-based 4.5L V8
    • Koenigsegg 4.9L V8

    What engine is this car powered by?

    • GM LS7 V8
    • AMG V12
    • Lamborghini V10
    • GM LS3 V8

    What engine does the Zenos E10R use?

    • 2.0L Honda Civic Type-R four-cylinder
    • 2.3L Ford EcoBoost four-cylinder
    • No cylinders, you dufus! It's an EV!!!
    • 6.2L GM LS3

    What engine does this car have?

    • 8.0L Bugatti W-16
    • 8.4L Viper V10
    • 5.2L Lamborghini V10
    • GM LS7, man!
    • 6.2L Ferrari V12
    • 7.4L Cadillac V16

    What engine does the TVR Tuscan use?

    • C'MON!!! Don't you know, EVERYTHING has a GM LS7?!?!!!
    • 8.4L Viper V10
    • 3.6L TVR I-6
    • GM LS4 V8
    • 3.5L Ford V6

    What engine does the W Motors Lykan Hypersport use?

    • 3.7L Ruf TT'd flat-six
    • GM LS7 V8
    • 5.7L Porsche V10
    • 5.2L Lamborhgini V10
    • Cosworth V12

    What engine powers the Caparo T1?

    • Ford V8
    • Brayton V8
    • Ferrari V12
    • Toyota I-6
    • Lamborghini V12

    What engine does the Barnard BTR7 use?

    • A V8
    • A V12
    • A V10
    • A V16
    • A V6
    • A V4
    • An X-18
    • An I-6
    • A TT'd three-pot
    • Honda Motorcycle engine
    • Electric Go-kart motor
    • A 747 jet engine
    • a 1.5V motor
    • IT'S SOLAR-POWERED!!!!!!!
    • A V17
    • A potato, dude!!!!

    What powers the Koenigsegg Quant concept?

    • The sun, man
    • 2 electric motors
    • A V8
    • A V12
    • A battery pack and fifteen electric motors

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