The SUpercar is Dead...Long Live the Supercar

1 Megawatt of power, 124mph in 7 seconds, 4 motors & 4 Gearboxes...and charges faster than a renault zoe

4y ago

Think about it for about a nano-second and London seems an odd place to launch a new car. Traffic. A 3mph average speed. Congestion charge. Narrow Streets. A Mayor who hates cars. The British capital screams “stay away” as loudly as is possible to anyone with 4 wheels and a driver’s licence. There can’t then be anywhere worse in London to launch a new car than one end of the King’s Road in Chelsea. But that’s indeed that’s where earlier this week a company called NextEV unveiled its brand new NIO EP9 Electric car.
Now let’s be clear. When I say Electric Car, this is no Nissan Leaf competitor - This is a battery operated untamed animal of a thing with the power of almost 10 Renault Zoes - It’s a Supercar to to rival anything so far seen from the likes of McLaren and Porsche that aren’t fully electric anyway. By comparison the hybrid 918 is nothing more than a souped up Toyota Prius.

Every single number that comes after the NIO EP9 is staggering - It has no fewer than 4 electric motors and a similar number of gearboxes. It delivers 1 Megawatt of power or 1,360horsepowers….which means it goes very, very fast indeed. So fast that it’s just smashed the EV lap record at the Nürburgring making it the fastest electric car in the World.

No-one’s measured the 0-60 time yet. Partly because being electric the EP9 is so quiet it keeps catching out the timekeeper...Probably. All you need to know is that it takes 7.1 seconds to get to 124mph and carry's on to a top speed of 193.
But all this power doesn’t seem to have come at too much of a cost to economy which in electric cars means "range", or how far it ca drive between charges. And that’s 263 miles. Thanks to a clever interchangeable battery system, charging takes just 45 minutes - To put that into perspective, a new 2017 Renault Zoe which manages nearly 200 miles takes over an hour to refill its batteries. Not quite like-for-like technology I'll grant you, but nonetheless, impressive.

The EP9’s very pretty too with styling that’d make even a designer from "that" sports car factory in Woking blush.

Here's a video of it smashing that record in Germany.

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NextEV's 1,360hp NIO EP9 Launched in London This Week Stamped All Over The Standing EV Lap Record At The 'ring

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