The Suzuki Jimny killer?

We have all heard about the brand new Jimny which came out last year and has taken the world by storm but there’s a new kid on the block.

Introducing the 2019 3 door Toyota Land Cruiser which isn’t too far from the size of a Jimny but which would you have?

Toyota Land Cruiser 3 door

Length: 456cm

Width: 188cm

Height: 183cm

Suzuki Jimny

Length: 364cm

Width: 164cm

Height: 172cm

I know the Land Cruiser is a little bigger but not by all that much. But obviously there’s more than a size difference. There is a huge price difference to keep in mind. The Land Cruiser starts at just over £30,000 whereas the Jimny is around £15,000. You may wonder why anyone would buy the Toyota? Well, if you’re in the UK, you will be lucky to be able to find one as UK dealers have only been dished out a few and I can guarantee they’ve sold out already.

The Land Cruiser is also more luxurious as it comes with much more available options and a far bigger and more powerful engine. As standard, the Toyota comes with a 2.8L diesel engine with 177 bhp whereas the Jimny has a 1.5L engine producing around 100 bhp.

Another thing to add, is that we know how good the Land Cruiser is at everything, not to say thr Jimny isn’t but I almost feel like the Toyota simply has more to offer. Maybe that’s just me?

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